Colonial American Tea Party



The Society of Descendants of the Colonial Clergy was incorporated in Massachusetts on February 9, 1933. Its major purposes are to:

1. Cherish and maintain the memory of the lives and works of colonial clergy of America
2. Perpetuate their spirit and the religious freedom which they sought in the New World
3. Keep in remembrance the churches which they served
4. Promote the fitting celebration of anniversaries, both of colonial ecclesiastical bodies and churches and events in the lives of their clergy.
5. Collect and preserve documents, histories, biographical sketches and memorials pertaining to the colonial clergy of America and the parishes which they served
6. Promote friendship and the descendants of colonial clergy.

An applicant must have a proven lineal, lawful descent from a clergyman who was regularly ordained, installed, or settled over a Christian church within the limits of the thirteen colonies prior to July 4, 1776, and must be acceptable to the National Council of the Society.