AN EXTREMELY FINE QUALITY & MUSEUM GRADE SPANISH “MADRID LOCK” FOWLER, by “ALONSO del CORRAL MADRID”, ca. 1770: In overall excellent, untouched original “flintlock” condition and made with a exquisitely chiseled and signed “Madrid” lock type flintlock mechanism. Fine quality, 39″, octagonal to round, smoothbore, band-fastened, iron, .65 caliber barrel with a finely etched wedding-band transition, floral and Cross gold inlays at the breech and two gold inlayed Spanish punch/maker’s marks for the renowned barrel maker, Alonzo Martinez of Madrid, Spain, who was the Weapons Master of Mallorca, ca. 1730: please see E. Heer’s: “Der Neue Stockel” vol. 2, pg. 766 (No. 757 & 758). Retains a smooth, steel gray, coloration with an untouched age patina and only some scattered light patches of discoloration/abrasions: complete with its Gold fore-sight and its chiseled rear sight. Molded and carved, deeply fluted, Madrid/Catalonian type, figured Walnut fullstock of classic Spanish form with a sculpted and fluted, thin butt with chiseled and engraved steel mounts. Rare Spanish “Madrid-type” flintlock mechanism with a fine, untouched, steel gray age patina, 99%+ polish and in mechanically functional order. Deeply chiseled lock surfaces with a finely sculpted and crafted gooseneck hammer with classic “Spanish” type jaw-screw, an exposed rear horizontal sear and a matching frizzen with a finely chiseled back. The lockplate, en suite and clearly marked with a deeply struck “ALNSO/ D./ CORRAL”, Spanish type maker’s mark and engraved with an “ALONSO DEL CORRAL MADRID” signature, under the bridle-less powder-pan. Etched and finely engraved steel mounts: the sidebolts with lightly engraved heads, two slotted barrel bands, an etched and engraved half-type buttplate with an acanthus leaf finial and the sculpted and engraved trigger-guard with a “TARGARONA” gold maker’s mark, on its bow (Stockel No. 1081): Francisco Targarona of Madrid, Spain worked ca. 1773-1808 (please see E. Heer’s: “Der Neue Stockel”, vol. 2, pg. 1266). The engraving of traditional Spanish design, with finely executed lines and deep relief chiseling. In overall excellent untouched condition. The barrel with a steel-gray age patina, 95%+ polish, sharp markings, deeply struck gold-inlayed maker’s marks and a fine bore. Excellent stock with sharp contours, deeply fluted carving, 98%+ finish and only some very minor handling marks. The lock with 99%+ polish, smooth steel surfaces, a strong mainspring and its original components: in functional order with sharp scroll engraving and fine quality deep relief chiseling. A very high quality and Excellent Spanish Madrid Lock Fowler, ca. 1770, in “Museum Grade” condition. Made by recorded Master Gunsmiths. Original iron ramrod with turned tip. Overall length, 54″. For a similar example, please see C. Blaire’s: “European & American Arms 1150-1850”.


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