American Colonial Food Preparation


Syllabub is also classified as a rich eggnog type of drink to which brandy may be added, and often served with tea cakes.

4 egg yolks                  
2 cups milk
1 tablespoon flour    
1 teaspoon vanilla 
3/4 cup sugar       
1 pint whipped cream
Brandy or wine

1. Mix half sugar with flour
2. Bring milk to boil and add sugar and flour
3. Cook in double boiler 10 minutes
4. Beat egg yolks, add in other half sugar, and finally add this to milk mixture, stirring slowly
5. Cook 5 minutes, stirring constantly
6. Remove from fire and add vanilla
7. Let mixture cool
8. When serving fill a tumbler half full of this custard
9. Add a  thin layer of brandy or wine on top of custard
10. Finish filling with the chilled whipped cream
11. Often served with tea cakes on festive occasions