A RARE AMERICAN STOCKED COLONIAL/REVOLUTIONARY WAR PERIOD FLINTLOCK OFFICER’S PISTOL, ca. 1770: In overall very good untouched original flintlock condition. Somewhat crudely made, molded and simply carved American walnut fullstock with a slightly clumsy and curved, robust grip-section with simple and typically crude, American-type relief carving around the mounts, barrel-tang and lock. American-made and recycled Brass mounts of Colonial/Revolutionary War Period style. The pommel-type butt-cap with a simply thread-engraved terminal. Two (2) early-form baluster-turned ramrod pipes, a vacant pin-fastened embossed shield-type wrist escutcheon and a lightly engraved trigger-guard with an etched Starburst, on its bow. Typical, openwork vine scroll-embossed sideplate with a tail and complete with its plain ramrod with flared tip. Recycled, round, 8 1/4″, .65 caliber, smoothbore, pin-fastened, iron barrel with two early London Gunmakers Company proof marks. The English made, recycled, rounded Lockplate with its bridle-less powder-pan its matching gooseneck hammer and frizzen: the surfaces with light scroll engravings. Retains its original lock components, both of its sidebolts and has a strong mainspring, though out of timing, as will not hold on the cocked positions. Engraved, under the powder-pan, with a “F. SADLIER” maker’s signature for Francois Sadlier, of London, UK who worked 1762-1779 (please see E. Heer’s: “Der Neue Stockel”, vol. 2, pg. ). In untouched original flintlock condition with a very good and well-used touch-hole and powder-pan. The stock retains 75% finish with generally sharp contours, some scattered abrasions/wear, minor chips, age-stains, handling marks and very good, typically crude, Colonial American carvings. The barrel with an untouched gray-brown age patina with russet highlights and smooth surfaces. The lock with matching untouched surfaces and very good engraved details. Original components throughout. Overall length 14″. A rare Colonial American/Revolutionary War Period Flintlock Officer’s Pistol, ca. 1770. ***Recently discovered in a Colonial Period Connecticut Home.


Images and description courtesy of Paul’s Antique Arms & Armour at: http://www.ambroseantiques.com/fpistols.htm