A VERY GOOD+ PAIR OF REVOLUTIONARY WAR PERIOD HALLMARKED-SILVER MOUNTED BRASS BARREL FRENCH FLINTLOCK OFFICER’S PISTOLS, by “SAVARY” ca. 1770: In overall very good+ original flintlock condition. The octagonal to round, .58 caliber, 6 1/2″, smoothbore, pin-fastened, Cannon-form, Blunderbuss-type, baluster-turned, brass, “Cannon-form” barrels with finely turned wedding-band barrel-transitions and stepped breech-tops: the steel barrel-tangs with choice “bright” surfaces. Molded and carved, dark colored, French walnut fullstocks with classic Rococo style relief and incised carvings. Classically styled raised carved teardrops, around the lock and sideplate mortises and matching floral bouquets, at the barrel-tangs. Fully French Hallmarked Silver mounts of mid-18th century form. The bulbous-type butt-caps with long side stirrups and simply embossed, rounded pommel-caps: Two (2) barrel-form ramrod pipes and “rifle type”, rounded sideplates with embossed stepped tails. The trigger-guards with sculpted and embossed urn-type forward. In original flintlock configuration with fine touch-holes and bores. Brass lockplates with rounded smooth surfaces, bridled powder-pans and matching, iron/steel gooseneck hammers, frizzens and teardrop finial frizzen-springs. In overall very good+ original flintlock condition with their original components and fine timing: the hammers, frizzens and springs with approx. 45%+ blued finish. Clearly signed, under the powder-pans with “SAVARY/AU HAVRE” maker’s signatures for the noted 18th Century French gunsmith who worked in Seine-Maritime, France, 1770-80: (please see E. Heer’s: “Der Neue Stockel”, vol. 2, pg. 1111). The barrels with smooth brass surfaces with lightly-toned patina, fine touch-holes and Cannon-form “Blunderbuss” muzzles. The hardware with smooth silver surfaces, some minor handling marks and visible French Hallmarks: one wrist escutcheon a working-life replacement. Very good stocks with dark figured walnut surfaces, 85%+ finish and some scattered handling marks, old repairs and tight hairlines. The locks with choice brass surfaces and their original components: in mechanically functional order with strong mainsprings and fine timing. Complete with their original Horn & Silver-tip Baleen ramrods. A very fine quality Pair of a Revolutionary War Period Silver Mounted French Flintlock Officer’s Pistols, ca. 1770. For similar examples, please see G. C. Neumann’s: “Battle Weapons…”, & C. Blair’s: “European & American Arms..”. Overall length, 12″.


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