A VERY FINE PAIR OF AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR PERIOD ENGLISH FLINTLOCK OFFICER’S/HOLSTER PISTOLS by “T. RICHARDS”, ca. 1770″: In overall very fine original flintlock condition. The octagonal-to-round, two-stage, 9″, .63 caliber, key-fastened, slightly flared, smoothbore barrels with deeply scroll-engraved barrel-tangs and clear, early, Birmingham proof marks and “TR” maker’s marks, on their left sides. Rounded, engraved lockplates with thread-engraved borders, bridled powder-pans and both their matching rounded gooseneck hammers: the frizzens with lightly engraved backs, en suite. Retain their original lock components with teardrop finial frizzen-springs, strong mainsprings, sharp engraving, 85%+ polish and some light patches of discoloration. Engraved under the powder-pans with clear “T. RICHARDS” maker’s signatures. Theophilus Richards (1747/48-d.1822) of Birmingham, UK; who was a noted Gunsmith and Silversmith working, at High Street. (For more details, please see E. Heer’s: “Der Neue Stockel” vol. 2, pg. 1040). Molded and finely carved, nicely finished, figured English walnut fullstocks of classic Georgian period design. Pronounced bulbous butts with raised-carved teardrop moldings around the locks and sideplates. The barrel-tangs with finely carved, classic rococo styled, scallop-shell aprons. Retain excellent untouched surfaces with only modest signs of use and some scattered handling marks: 95%+ finish with sharp contours and carvings. Finely engraved and embossed, chiseled steel mounts of classic mid-18th century, English form: the stirrup-type butt-caps with long hound’s-tooth engraved side-terminals and rounded and stepped pommel-caps with oval lozenge-type finials. Deeply chiseled and embossed openwork, rococo, vine-scroll sideplates: one with an old chip. Engraved trigger-guards with acanthus leaf forward finials and “Tudor Rose” engraved bows. Two (2) barrel-form ramrod pipes with baluster-turned ends; and the scallop-shell embossed, acanthus leaf finial, vacant, wrist escutcheons. Complete with their horn-tip wooden ramrods. In overall very fine original flintlock condition. The barrels with a smooth, steel-gray age-patina, sharp proof/maker’s marks and only some light scattered wear and expected discoloration: very fine touch-holes. Matching locks with 85%+ polish, crisp engraving and in mechanically functional order with strong mainsprings and fine timing. Very fine+/excellent stocks with 95%+ finish, sharp contours and only some minor handling marks and light signs of use. A very attractive and classically styled, well-made, Large-Size Pair of Revolutionary War Period, English, flintlock, Officer’s/Holster Pistols, ca. 1770. Overall length, 15 1/2″.


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