A FINE+ SCARCE & UNTOUCHED REVOLUTIONARY WAR PERIOD PATTERN 1756/1777 “LONG” SEA SERVICE PISTOL, ca. 1777: In overall fine+, untouched, original flintlock condition. Regulation length, round, iron, .56 caliber, smoothbore, 12″, pin-fastened barrel with a Board of Ordnance proof-mark, on the center of the breech-top and an “IG” (John Galton) barrel maker’s mark, on its left side: a fine touch hole and bore. Very good, molded and carved Walnut fullstock of Pattern 1756/77 form with its correctly non-dated Storekeeper’s marking, on the right face of the grip above the trigger-guard . Additionally marked in the ramrod channel with various inspector’s marks. The lock of standard P. 1756/1777 design with a plain, flat, lockplate, its original reinforced hammer, rounded bridle-less powder-pan and arrowhead finial frizzen-spring. The face of the lock nicely engraved with a well-detailed Crown/”GR” Royal Cypher and is marked with a Crown/Broad Arrow Board of Ordnance/govt. ownership mark, beneath the powder-pan: the tail of lock clearly marked “TOWER”. Untouched, deeply patinated, regulation, brass furniture: a screw-fastened, heavy, bulbous butt-cap with short side-terminals, the trigger-guard with a raised hazelnut forward finial, a single barrel-form ramrod pipe and the flat sideplate with tail: retains both its original sidebolts and equipped with its original Crown-marked, steel belt-hook. In overall fine+ untouched original flintlock condition with a fine lock and barrel and a very good stock. The iron surfaces of the barrel and mechanism with generally smooth, richly russet-toned & deeply patinated surfaces with fine markings and some expected discoloration/fine pitting. The lock with its original components, clear markings and is in mechanically functional order with a strong mainspring and fine timing: untouched surfaces. Very good stock with approx. 85%+ finish, sharp contours, some minor handling marks/tight hairlines and visible markings. The wrist with a classic, working-life-period, “pegged” repair– likely from Naval Battle Use (please see William Gilkerson’s: “Boarders Away…”, vol. 2, pg. 230). The hardware with untouched, mustard-toned, smooth, brass surfaces. Associated flared-tipped wooden ramrod. Overall length 19 1/2″. A very scarce and seldom seen American Revolutionary War Period English Pattern 1756/77 Naval/Sea Service Pistol, ca. 1777. For similar examples and additional information, please see G. C. Neumann’s: “Battle Weapons…”, Gilkerson’s: “Boarders Away…”, vol. 2 & D. Bailey’s: “Pattern Dates For British Ordnance Small Arms…”, pg. 22, 29, 48 & 90.


Images and description courtesy of Paul’s Antique Arms & Armour at: http://www.ambroseantiques.com/fpistols.htm