A FINE MID-18TH CENTURY BURLWOOD STOCK SILVER MOUNTED FRENCH FLINTLOCK HOLSTER SIZE OFFICER’S PISTOL, by “G. HALEN” ca. 1750: In overall fine+ original flintlock condition. Of fine quality, as made with a burl-wood stock and fully etched and embossed Silver Mounts. Smoothbore, .67 caliber, octagonal-to-round, bronze-key-fastened, 11″, iron barrel with smooth steel-gray surfaces, a fine touch-hole and its original blade-type fore-sight. Retains sharp contours with a fine bore and some minor wear. Molded and deeply relief carved, burl-root-wood fullstock with richly carved rococo floral-scroll accents, around the barrel-tang, along the forestock and around the mounts. Of classic mid-18th century French form with an elongated grip and a pronounced bulbous butt. Retains 85%+ finish with some scattered handling marks and light signs of use/wear: expected minor abrasions and small tight hairlines. In fine+ condition with sharp contours and fine quality carvings: the ivory/bone fore-end cap with some minor chips. The flintlock mechanism with a flat and beveled edge, banana-form lockplate with its matching gooseneck hammer and grooved-face frizzen. Signed under the bridle-less powder-pan with the maker’s signature: “HALEN G. L’ANNE” (“G. Halen the Elder”). ***There was a gunsmith named “Halin” recorded working in Paris, France prior to, ca. 1755. (Please see E. Heer’s: “Der Neue Stockel”, vol. 1, pg. 487). In fine+ mechanically functional condition with its original components and a strong mainspring. Retains (90%) polished finish with a sharp maker’s signature. Some minor patches of discoloration: the steel surfaces with an untouched silver-gray patina without significant pitting or wear. Matching barrel with smooth surfaces and fully engraved and embossed Silver mounts. The openwork rococo vine sideplate with deeply embossed floral scroll decorations of classic mid-18th century French form; and the trigger-guard with an etched and embossed forward finial (minor old repair at its tip) and a deeply floral-engraved and fluted bow. Two (2) barrel-form ramrod-pipes: the entry-pipe with embossed surfaces and a vacant Shield type wrist-escutcheon with openwork accents. Stirrup type butt-cap with embossed side-terminals and a finely turned pommel-cap. Complete with its ivory/bone? tip ramrod (partially missing) and matching fore-end-cap: retains both of its original side-bolts. A classic example of a Burlwood Stock, Silver Mounted, French Flintlock Holster/Officer’s Pistol, ca. 1750. For similar examples, please see G. C. Neumann’s: “Battle Weapons…”, pg. Overall Length, 18″.


Images and description courtesy of Paul’s Antique Arms & Armour at: http://www.ambroseantiques.com/fpistols.htm