A VERY FINE & RARE PAIR OF MADRID-LOCK SPANISH (RIPOLL-MADE) FLINTLOCK BLUNDERBUSS OFFICER’S PISTOLS, by “JOAN ANGELATS”, ca. 1770: In overall very fine+ near excellent original flintlock condition. Octagonal to round, flared, 7 1/2″, “bright”, smoothbore, 1.00+ cailber (@ muzzles), iron, barrels with fine wedding band transitions and iron barrel-tangs: the breech-tops with gold-inlayed Crown over “ANGE/LATS” (Stockel No. 7027) maker’s marks for Joan Angelats of Ripoll, Spain wrk. 1766-1790 and was a member of the noted, 18th century, Ripoll, “Angelats”, gunsmithing family. (Please see E. Heer’s: “Der Neue Stockel”, vol. 1, pg. 23 Retain choice, “bright”, steel surfaces with sharp contours and only some minor patches of surface-discoloration/salt & pepper. Molded and nicely carved walnut fullstocks of classic French-inspired Madrid form with finely detailed raised carved, floral bouquet aprons, at the barrel-tangs and simple relief and incised carvings around the locks and sideplates. Etched and fully engraved, brass mounts of rococo period Spanish form: Single (1) barrel-form ramrod pipes, finely engraved, oversized, rifle-type sideplates with central floral scrolls and hound’s-tooth borders, of classic Spanish style. The trigger-guards with leaf-type forward finials and etched and engraved bows; and the stirrup-type butt-caps with nicely engraved side-terminals and matching pommels with silvered oval finials: the side-stirrups with floral-vine-scroll etchings, en suite with the other mounts. Floral embossed Silver wrist escutcheons and applique type engraved finials, at the ramrod entries: of classic Ripoll type design. Fine and scarce “Madrid-Lock” Flintlock mechanisms with stepped and pointed tails, flat, beveled lockplates, teardrop finial frizzen-springs and bridled powder-pans. Matching, flat, faceted, gooseneck hammers of classic Madrid-Lock design with Ring-type Jaw-screws of Miquelet form. The frizzens with nicely faceted backs, en suite. In overall very fine+ near excellent, original flintlock condition with their original components, strong mainspring and fine timing. The barrels with finely flared, Cannon-type, Blunderbuss muzzles with finely engraved ringed borders. Very Fine bores and touch-holes. Retains sharp contours with choice smooth surfaces. The hardware, en suite with lightly toned, smooth, brass surfaces with sharp engraving and very little wear/signs of use. Very Fine+ stocks with 90%+ finish, smooth surfaces, sharp contours and some light scattered handling/storage-marks and tight hairlines. Retains choice steel, brass and wooden surfaces with only light signs of use. The lockplates and barrels with untouched “bright” steel surfaces and 80%+ latent polish: scattered discoloration and a fine untouched age-patina. Complete with their flared, brass-tip wooden ramrods. A very fine quality Pair of Spanish Colonial Period Madrid-lock (Flintlock) Blunderbuss Officer’s Pistols, ca. 1770. In an exceptional state condition for a Pair of Blunderbuss Pistols, as these were often hard-used weapons of their era and usually exhibit signs of rough use/handling. For similar type Pistols, please see S. Brinckerhoff’s: “Spanish Military Weapons in Colonial America 1700-1821”, pg. 56-62 & C. Blair’s: “Pistols of the World…”. Overall length, 14″.


Images and description courtesy of Paul’s Antique Arms & Armour at: http://www.ambroseantiques.com/fpistols.htm