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The Hessian Renegades is a 1909 American silent drama film directed by D. W. Griffith.


A young soldier during the American Revolution has the mission to carry a crucial message to General Washington but he is spotted by a group of enemy soldiers called Hessians. He finds refuge with a family, but the enemies soon discover him. After that the family and neighbors plan to find out a way to send the important message.


* Owen Moore as American Soldier
* Linda Arvidson as Farmer
* Kate Bruce as Soldier’s Family
* William J. Butler as Farmer
* Verner Clarges as Farmer
* D.W. Griffith
* Robert Harron as Farmer
* Arthur V. Johnson as Hessian
* James Kirkwood as Soldier’s Family
* Florence Lawrence
* Marion Leonard
* Wilfred Lucas
* George Nichols as Hessian
* Anthony O’Sullivan as Hessian
* Lottie Pickford
* Mary Pickford as Soldier’s Family
* Frank Powell as Hessian
* Billy Quirk as Hessian
* Gertrude Robinson as Soldier’s Family
* Mack Sennett as Hessian
* George Siegmann as Hessian
* Henry B. Walthall


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