Revolutionary War Naval Battle



Battle Summary
Name:Action of 11 November 1779 (Naval Battle)Total Forces:
Location:Lisbon, PortugalWounded:3
Duration (days):1Captured:
Victory:BritishTotal Ships:11
Col./Ally Cmdr.:Andres de VianaShips Lost:
Brit./Ally Cmdr.:Alexander GraemeShips Captured:1


The Action of 11 November 1779 was a minor naval engagement between the British Royal Naval frigate {HMS|Tartar|1756|6} and the Spanish frigate Santa Margarita off Lisbon during the American War of Independence.

On 11 November, Captain Alexander Graeme in Tartar, belonging to the squadron under Commodore George Johnstone, was off Lisbon when he sighted the Spanish 38-gun frigate Santa Margarita. Tartar, with the wind behind her, caught up and engaged the Spanish vessel. After around two hours of fighting Santa Marguerita was almost dismasted when her captain decided to strike her colours.

Santa Margarita was added to the Royal Navy under her existing name as a 12-pounder 36-gun frigate. She had a very long career, serving until 1836.